There’s Plenty of Room In The Metaverse As Consumers Dream Of A Digital Future


The metaverse is an alluring vision. Digital spaces to help people socialize, work more effectively, learn skills, and bring novel technological concepts to life are very useful in the right circumstances.

While some note the advent of tools like advanced AR technology is still needed for metaverse live performances to reach their full potential, many others recognize there’s plenty of opportunities within the metaverse for creative ideas with an accessible nature.

CEEK VR, an entertainment and creator-focused platform that helps connect content creators, athletes, and musicians with fans, spiked after buyers noticed the project’s booth at the latest Grammy awards. In early April, Epic and Lego issued a brief announcement about collaboration to build a metaverse space for kids and families.

The news was notable as Epic has made past remarks about crafting a more kid-friendly metaverse, and has extensive experience with building video games and digital worlds like Fortnite.

The news came just about the same time that hotel developer CitizenM announced a foray into the metaverse. According to CitizenM, it will purchase land in The Sandbox within the next few weeks and construct a hotel where avatars can work, sleep, and play. The developer noted the virtual hotel could eventually become a real-world location.

The Twitter account for the Shiba INU (SHIB) project also announced an opportunity for Metaverse land buys on April 7th. According to an earlier announcement, 100,5959 plots of metaverse land will be sold with LEASH or Shiba INU NFT holders having the first purchase opportunity.