The Sandbox and FlickPlay Collaborate to create a New Asset in their Metaverse

Sandbox and FlickPlay collaborate

Gaming companies, The Sandbox, and FlickPlay, have announced that they are in a new partnership that allows their users and players to use a blockchain asset on the two platforms.

This partnership will allow players to use an NFT launched on FlickPlay, known as flicky on the Sandbox Metaverse.

This Flicky NFT series on FlickPlay was also announced today and it features the designs of an anthropomorphic chameleon wearing different clothes.

Here is where the collaboration between both Metaverse gaming platforms comes in; Players who use both gaming platforms and acquire a Flicky will get to use the NFT as their avatar on the Sandbox game.

At the moment, the owners of the Flicky NFTs can only unlock a version of the NFT to use on The Sandbox. However, an upgrade where the owners can use the exact version of the NFT stored on the Metaverse of both games is in the works.

This innovation fully backs the idea of the Metaverse, and both games are ready to take the Metaverse to the next stage.

It is evident that the partnership between these two platforms will give the players a swell time as they will experience a more in-depth experience of The Sandbox and its Metaverse.

The integration seems to be the first of its kind, bridging an NFT existing in different virtual worlds, or Metaverses, with usage that’s linked to the physical world.

There are also plans to add interoperability to both platforms by the end of 2022.