The Cosmos Theta Upgrade Goes Live, Boosts the Platform’s Interoperability

The Cosmos Theta Upgrade

In the previous week, Cosmos network finally released an upgrade that its users have been waiting for. This upgrade is called Theta, and its major mission or goal is to increase and improve the mode of interoperability from the Cosmos blockchain networks to other networks.

The Cosmos Theta upgrade went live on the 13th of April, quietly noting the official launch of the interchain accounts feature.

The Interchain accounts and Theta represent a module that possesses a powerful potential to improve the traffic, interoperability, and infusion on the Cosmos network.

Before this upgrade, Cosmos had certain unique features anyway. With the use of Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC), Cosmos enables the users of the network to share their tokens with existing accounts on different blockchain networks.

But, with the Theta upgrade, users of this network can now interact with other accounts on other blockchain networks too.

This upgrade is expected to bring loads of ease to the different sets of users you can find on the Cosmos blockchain network.

For instance, for the developers, they can use this feature as a way to leverage the existing functionality of their projects, no matter what network the project exists on.

So, with this feature, the Interchain Accounts make way for a stress-free user experience as there is little to no friction to move between the different blockchain networks.

Some of the other benefits of this upgrade include an increase in cross-chain activity, permitting a chain to write a state on a different blockchain, unlocking of new services and models, and many more.