Tezos and Aleph.im are integrating to strengthen NFTs further

Tezos and Aleph.im are integrating to strengthen NFTs further

Foremost blockchain network, Tezos, has announced its integration with Aleph.im, a distributed cloud platform, and computing network.

The collaboration with Aleph.im network will give Decentralised apps and NFT marketplaces based on Tezos a chance to use some of the features on Aleph, which include storage nodes and distributed computers.

This integration between these two networks is going to be of great help to developers. This is because they will get the chance to build projects on the Tezos blockchain and still connect easily to the Decentralised infrastructure of Aleph.

This is coming after Aleph.im has previously integrated with other top blockchains such as Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana.

Another benefit of this incorporation is that Tezos NFTs will get a new additional layer of built-in security and stability. This will be made possible through a native backup of the required metadata to the Decentralised network of the Aleph platform.

According to the CEO of Aleph.im, with the Tezos blockchain, the $ALEPH token will be directly integrated into Tezos NFTs. This move makes it easy for the end users of the Tezos blockchain to back up their NFTs to the Aleph network.

Tezos is a popular and largely loved blockchain platform because it has one of the most eco-friendly blockchains as it uses a liquid proof of stake protocol.

Tezos is well known for its cost efficient method to mint, trade, and host NFTs. This integration with Aleph is definitely going to increase the traction it has gained over the years.