Solana Has Launched an Emissions Dashboard to Further Blockchain Carbon Footprint Transparency Campaign

Solana Carbon Monitoring System

The Solana Foundation has partnered with data platform Trycarbonara to launch a real-time tracking dashboard to measure carbon emissions on the Solana blockchain. 

According to the foundation, this initiative represents a first for a “major smart-contract blockchain” to measure carbon emissions in real-time. They also hope that it will spur other players in the blockchain ecosystem to take steps towards carbon emission transparency.

Speaking about the intiative on their Twitter account, the blockchain platform wrote:

“We hope the Solana Foundation’s efforts will inspire other blockchain networks and projects to take similar steps towards measuring their emissions and building a more regenerative on-chain community.”

According to the Solana Climate website, the new dashboard displays various indicators such as the total node count, megawatt-hours, and total carbon emissions average and marginal use. It also includes emissions comparison charts that allow users to view side-by-side conversions depicting Solana usage versus numerous other emission-producing activities. 

The data used to power the Solana Foundation’s real-time carbon emissions dashboard is available open-source and is modeled on the estimated carbon footprint of the Dell PowerEdge R940

This move from the Solana Foundation comes amid increasing global efforts to utilize blockchain technology to monitor carbon emissions around the world. However, it remain unclear whether other blockchain outfits will adopt similar tracking systems.