Rep. Tom Emmer: Blockchain Could Authenticate AI Amidst Crypto Court Victories

Rep. Emmer Blockchain

During the Permissionless II conference, U.S. Representative Tom Emmer delivered an optimistic message to the crypto community, highlighting the growing momentum behind blockchain technology and the need to shift the narrative toward innovation. 

Emmer proposed an intriguing concept, suggesting that blockchain could be harnessed to authenticate real information from AI-generated content. This idea aligns with the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulation in the United States, which Emmer sees as moving in a positive direction.

While Emmer acknowledged recent legal victories for crypto industry players like Ripple and Grayscale, he cautioned that these cases are still subject to appeal.

In addition, he stressed the importance of the crypto industry not only raising awareness in Congress but also providing solutions. 

He noted that more members of Congress are taking the initiative to educate themselves about cryptocurrencies. Emmer suggested a necessary change in the narrative surrounding the crypto space, emphasizing the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in verifying authenticity. 

According to Emmer, AI technology and digital assets could serve as powerful tools for determining what is real and what is not. 

He expressed concern that recent distractions, such as the FTX case, have shifted the focus away from the innovative potential of the crypto industry and its positive impact on individuals’ financial lives. Emmer has actively supported legislation related to financial innovation and technology, including bills that could lead to the removal of SEC Chair Gary Gensler.