Pocket Network Launches An Upgrade to its Developer Focused Decentralized Web3 Infrastructure Portal

Pocket Network

Pocket Network, the highest ranked decentralized Web3 infrastructure protocol, has rolled out a major update to the Pocket Portal service. Created to allow developers to tap into Pocket Network’s global decentralized network of RPC nodes, the Pocket Portal allows Web3 developers to easily create accounts, mint RPC endpoints for their dApps, and view blockchain data across any of the dozens of supported blockchains.

The company’s recently updated service plans include a variety of features, such as the Always Free tier, a PAYG tier, and a custom Enterprise option. With the Always Free tier, developers can now receive up to 250,000 daily data relay for their dapp. If their traffic exceeds that amount, they can now opt for a streamlined PAY As You Go plan or a custom Enterprise option.

The company’s PAYG model allows developers to pay for the data relays that their apps use each month instead of having to pay a huge amount upfront for the traffic that they may not be using. With the new PAYG plan, they can also create unlimited endpoints for their apps.

The company’s new approach to the development of Web3 applications allows developers to focus on their core business instead of worrying about the cost of maintaining their infrastructure. It eliminates the need for them to spend a huge amount of money on software as a service (SaaS) and allows them to truly own their infrastructure.