Justin Sun has pledged to donate the NFTs worth a whopping $1.5 million

Justin Sun

TRONs founder, Justin Sun, is somewhat of a celebrity in the crypto sphere as he is constantly engaged in high-priced art, NFT or crypto auctions.

His most recent auction win comes in the form of a $1.5 million purchase of the Digital Zodiac Head which he has described as holding ‘unique cultural significance in the hearts of every Chinese’.

His purchase was for the complete set of crypto artworks ‘Twelve Digital Zodiac Heads’, of which five are still missing in the real world. Immediately after the auction was completed on the 31st of March, Justin announced they would be donated in the future.

Although Justin has pledged to donate the NFTs worth a whopping $1.5 million, many are often confused at the young-millionaires crazy escapades and if it reflects negatively on the crypto community as a whole.

For example, he recently acquired BitTorrent and previously paid $4.5 million to a charitable cause to have dinner with Warren Buffett.

The crypto space is the first time in history where uber-rich founders are also personalities in their own right and build their own sense of brand image, very similar to Elon Musk. How do Justin’s escapades affect the TRON brand image and potential in the future?

Justin will continue to make waves in the crypto community and this most likely won’t be the last of his lavish art auctions, of which he spent more than $100m on in 2021 alone.