Coinbase Releases New Features as It Struggles to Attract Traders


Coinbase continues to upgrade its platform with user-focuses features – the latest addition letting you see what U.S. congressional leaders think about crypto, and more updates from Coinbase. Last week, Coinbase began rolling out a new feature in the app that allows users to learn more about congressional lawmakers’ views on crypto. Users in the U.S. can see crypto sentiment scores, notable statements, and bill sponsorships from members of Congress based on publicly available information.

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, announced on Wednesday that the company’s policy initiative will be integrated into its mobile app. This will allow users to register and view politicians’ views on cryptocurrencies.

In the US, users of Coinbase can now view a politician’s sentiment score, which is based on publicly available statements. The platform’s founder, Armstrong, aims to expand this functionality in order to help pro-crypto candidates raise donations.

In February 2022, Coinbase launched a political action committee to support the pro-cryptocurrency policies of members of Congress. The company also regularly visits Capitol Hill to urge lawmakers to support the industry.

Other platforms, such as Bitfinex, also have political action committees (PACs). On Monday, the Blockchain Association announced that it had formed a non-partisan crypto PAC to support candidates who are committed to the growth of the cryptocurrency industry.