$107Million Worth of BTC Come Alive After 11 Years

Bitcoin Price Decrease

Although BTC has dipped to a value 75% lower than it was a year ago, some recently activated 6522 ‘dormant’ BTC and moved them to unknown wallets.

The 6,522 BTC, with a block height of 763,474, worth about $107,000,000, have been moved on the BTC blockchain app. However, this transfer was only one of many that occurred out of a seemingly dormant BTC wallet. Several other ‘sleeping BTC’  were reactivated from different wallets.

For example, one account transferred 3500 BTC, which has been dormant since 2011. Another BTC address, ‘1QBG9’, moved 25 BTC with a block height of 762,719 from an address created in 2011.

In the same news, some 50 BTC, acquired in May 2010, with a block height of 763,149, was moved by the BTC address ‘1LB8B’. 

Interestingly, all these transfers occurred after at least 11 years of dormancy and growth. Also, since they had been easily pointed out through blockchain analysis, they were never private transactions.

Naturally, there are several speculations about the identity of these account holders and how their transfers and the reactivated BTC will influence the crypto economy at large. However, there is little information in this regard as of this moment.